Artist Statement



I have lived in beautiful bucolic upper Bucks County most of my adult life. The country has been the inspiration for much of my art: the scenery, countryside, and plant/animal life. I was fascinated with plant morphology, precision, and patterns/organization which was evident in my early botanical paintings.

I am now more intrigued by chaos, fragility in life, emotionality, and discord than structured/predictable beauty. I find beauty, spirituality, metaphor, and deep emotion, even "a story" in the chaos. In a way one could say I've "let go" of control and predictability in my work (a metaphor for my own life).

My signature drawing style entails intricate, bold, energetic, and poetic markings. My lines are created with charcoal, ink (I often draw with string dipped in ink), pastels and plaster that are drawn, erased, scratched and/or incised into. I use a limited color palette of subdued colors and, black and white. My surfaces are sometimes prepared with poured acrylic paint and Venetian plaster.

In the past view years, I’ve been inspired in my artwork to capture that beautiful frailty and imperfection in human beings. Being a volunteer lay Chaplain in a nursing home has opened that door for me. The people I have met and known led interesting and colorful lives, fought in wars, raised families, lived through tragedies and illnesses, traveled, created businesses, and held prestigious positions. Even though their bodies and minds are failing, they all share similar feelings- intense love for their families, and the need to be present and heard. They desire to laugh, learn, play, freely express emotion, and tell their stories.

Often, I am reminded of that wilting sunflower when drawing a portrait/figure of one of the residents. I don’t see age and fragility, but immense beauty, courage, character, strength, and a remarkable life “story”.


Ginny F. Perry


I hope you enjoy my work...please check in from time to time. If you are interested in purchasing a piece, please notify me through this website. Your comments are welcome.